A Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® treatment programme targets the whole body, working deep down under medical supervision.

A treatment programme is

  • Between 7 and 10 days
  • 9 to 10 daily treatments
  • Eliminating the causes of ill health, i.e. removing the source of illness to restore health and wellbeing naturally
  • Adopting a new philosophy, which is closer to nature
  • An opportunity for patients to find themselves, listen to their body, step back from the demands of everyday life and reconsider their priorities


  • Day by day programme

  • Patient management and follow-up


    Throughout a Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® treatment programme, patients can feel their body being rejuvenated from within as the programmes have several essential components:

    • An appropriate diet to counter excesses and imbalances with light, healthy and flavoursome cuisine
    • A relaxation programme to overcome the effects of stress and the rapid pace of everyday life through personal development, yoga, baths, massages, etc.
    • Gentle physical activity to combat sedentary lifestyles and their negative effects with aqua gym, stretching and fitness
    • A comprehensive detox programme to cleanse the body deep down and restore health and wellbeing using nothing but plant-based treatments