Licences // Standard operating procedures (SOP)

Licences and standard operating procedures (SOP) serve as a guide for all Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA franchised centres and are guarantees of quality. Extremely detailed and precise procedures ensure that standards are met and services are identical in each centre.

These SOP define the formulation of each treatment, the techniques to be used in each therapy, good customer service skills and how to produce various reports.
In short, every instant that patients spend in one of our centres has been carefully considered to ensure that their experiences are enjoyable and that they are extremely satisfied with the time spent at our Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA treatment centres.


Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA always aims for excellence, which is why we share our expertise with your employees. Concretely, this means that our experts train your staff and carry out regular quality controls to ensure that Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA standards are enforced and met.

We also remain available to your employees throughout the year, providing mentoring and continuous training to meet your clients' demands. This follow-up benefits your entire centre as it guarantees customer satisfaction, develops your employees' skills, promotes a positive working atmosphere and drives the company culture.
The following training is available:

  • The philosophy and concept of Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® therapies and treatments
  • Knowledge of Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® products and other specific products
  • The various Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® treatments
  • Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® beauty treatments
  • Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® manual massage therapies and fitness techniques
  • Use of specific software for managing the various treatments and application of therapies in line with the staff trained, equipment used and facilities available in the Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® centre. This specific Swiss/Phytotherapy® software can be used to prepare each patient's weekly personal programme in just a few minutes under the supervision of the general manager
  • The Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® marketing concept
  • Other training is available on request


Swiss/Phytotherapy® expertise is transferred to the partners in a new treatment centre in the aim of providing the knowledge needed to build, manage and operate a phytotherapy treatment centre using Swiss/Phytotherapy® products. Staff are trained by hospitality, wellbeing and health professionals to ensure that every service is provided in accordance with Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA quality standards.


The Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA brand was developed to meet growing demand for health, particularly phytotherapy.
The concept of Swiss/Phytotherapy® treatment centres is unique in using the image of plants, plant-based products, plant-based health treatments and most importantly plant-based detox of the body as the cornerstone of its marketing strategy.

Another strength of the Swiss/Phytotherapy® concept lies in its effectiveness and patients' wellbeing after leaving the centre. Plants and health prevention (detoxing and revitalizing the body) must remain the running theme in promotion of your treatment centres.


The written press: The image and effectiveness of the plants are explained to the media and the importance of health prevention reiterated. This approach to promotion results in the publication of numerous articles (free editorial copy) on the plants' effects. These articles convey the Swiss/Phytotherapy® philosophy. In most cases, the name of the centre is often cited in editorial publications.

Health prevention literature: Alongside media coverage, Swiss/Phytotherapy® health prevention literature is produced. This information is repeated by the editorial press, which gives the formulations to readers. As well as recommending phytotherapy products, the literature demonstrates the effectiveness of the phytotherapy treatments and therapeutic techniques. The centres offering these treatments are often named.The literature is also sold in bookstores, which provides indirect and free promotion for the centre.

The health sector: The credibility of our programmes and our long experience in plant healing means that the health sector supports us and recommends us to its patients. We work hard to ensure that our doctors and therapists rigorously apply Swiss/Phytotherapy® standards and that patients are fully satisfied with our plant-based treatment system.

Specialist travel agencies and tour operators: To meet ever-growing demand for health tourism, we liaise with travel agencies and tour operators specializing in the field. The market is booming and our programmes are ideal for clients who want to regain their fitness quickly and naturally; this is why we work closely with tourism companies around the world.

Insurance: Numerous partnerships with insurers mean that we are featured in their brochures and on their websites. Swiss/Phytotherapy® is designed as a means of health prevention and insurers offer their clients reductions on our programmes because they are thoroughly convinced of the benefits of our treatments in regaining fitness and relieving stress.

Internet: Our website guarantees us visibility anytime, anywhere. We can use it to provide information on the treatments, products and services available in the centres. In addition, patients can buy all our product ranges and book their stay using our e-shop and online booking centre.

Social networks: Today, it is important to be present on social networks in order to communicate effectively. With Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, it is easy to reach a wide audience and promote Swiss/Phytotherapy® quickly and inexpensively. Swiss/Phytotherapy® is resolutely modern and believes in the significant potential of social networks.