Design, plan and transformation

Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA works closely with you to build or transform your premises into an exclusive treatment centre with all modern conveniences. Throughout each project, our team of experts and professionals is by your side to advise and assist you on how to tailor your centre to our treatments and therapies. With consistently high standards, all Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA treatment centres are designed to be exceptional.

While keeping costs low, the project manager and his/her team ensure the smooth running of the operations. They are available to you from the first day until the centre opens to discuss even the finest details. Their experience of working in several countries, market knowledge, awareness of trends and expertise in modern technology are guarantees of quality, ensuring that you and your clients receive impeccably designed facilities that are perfectly suited to our services.
Our professionals uphold the standards of the Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA brand and optimize the performances of the treatment centres by providing the following services:

  • Project definition
  • Cost study
  • Development of plans
  • Space analysis
  • Construction or transformation management
  • Design consultancy


The quality of Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA treatment centres lies in the treatments and therapies as well as in the organization. Our excellent reputation has been forged by the implementation of technical tools that are regularly updated to ensure the excellence of services. Demanding technical standards are also set and enforced to facilitate your role and maximize your profitability.


As a partner, Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA is eager to contribute to the smooth running and profitability of your centre. Through our programmes, you will gain a new clientele throughout the year with an average stay of seven to ten days. You will see your overnight stays increase as well as your overall revenue, given that patients are on a full-board basis.

In addition, as a hotel, spa or treatment centre within the Swiss Phytotherapy SPM SA franchise, your facilities are different to any other with unique services and quality standards. Very few companies can claim to provide programmes that treat the whole body, inside and out, taking action on the most important organs in our body, improving clients' health and increasing their longevity. You stand out clearly from the competition and are positioned as an exclusive treatment centre.