Swiss phytotherapy
Internal plant-based treatments to restore health and wellbeing
Swiss phytotherapy
Working with nature and listening to our bodies
Swiss phytotherapy
Long-term action on the whole body


Swiss/Phytotherapy® centres treat the whole body, working deep down to achieve genuine results inside and out. After just a few days, patients feel invigorated with their physical health and mental wellbeing restored. This is made possible by detoxifying and rejuvenating the body with a Health Prevention treatment programme. All our treatments are plant-based and prepared in the Mességué centre in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.









Massage treatments

Our treatment programmes help to restore your health and wellbeing with a multi-disciplinary approach: a comprehensive detox, appropriate diet, relaxation and gentle physical exercise.

Our products

Every day, patients are given plant-based products — dietary supplements, herbal teas, cosmetic preparations and specific Swiss/Phytotherapy® formulations — to detoxify and rejuvenate their body.

Our method

Swiss/Phytotherapy® recommends natural, internal plant-based treatments that help to detoxify and rejuvenate all the bodily functions.

Our treatments and services

Our professional teams provide deep-acting internal treatments, beauty therapy and complementary activities so that patients can totally relax and enjoy all the benefits of our programmes over the long term.

Our philosophy

We have demonstrated the action of fitness, wellness and rejuvenation by plants and our know-how at your service and the service of your health.

Join us

Swiss/Phytotherapy® works with you to make your project happen. We help you build or renovate your premises, develop site plans and choose the right facilities. Once the structure is in place, you receive our technical support and we help you enforce our standards. The profitability and smooth running of your premises are priorities for us and, as a partner, we make sure that your clients are fully satisfied with our services.



The Swiss/Phytotherapy® franchise means that you are supported at all times by professionals from the hospitality, health and wellbeing industry, bringing significant benefits to your premises.  It also guarantees high standards, qualified staff, expertise, unique services, strong and innovative marketing arguments and multiple distribution channels that attract new clients throughout the year.

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