Our products

Our products

Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® phytotherapy products are exclusively plant-based. They are used to:

  • detox the body, liver, kidneys and intestines
  • provide the dietary supplements needed for health
  • maintain and rejuvenate the body (nervous and cardiovascular systems)


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    Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® centres use five ranges of products and treatments, namely:

    • relaxation
    • excess weight
    • circulation
    • joints
    • vitality-youth

    To meet the needs of these five ranges, Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® products are divided into four main categories:

    • dietary supplements

         - In liquid form, designed to detox the body's main filters
         - In liquid form and capsules, designed to compensate deficiencies in trace elements

    • herbal teas made from whole healing plants that have not been chemically treated
    • plant-based cosmetics designed to maintain healthy, glowing skin
    • specific plant-based products (plant baths, cataplasms, etc.), which are applied using specialist techniques