Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® centres specialize in phytotherapy (from the Greek phyton, meaning plant, and therapeia, meaning treatment). They are fundamentally different from thalassotherapy and balneotherapy treatment centres, providing:


  • Significant expertise and experience in how plants can heal the body.
  • Natural, internal plant-based treatments, which work to detox and revitalize the body.
  • Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® centres focus first and foremost on health prevention. Using natural, internal treatments, they promote health through internal action deep within the body.

You will see significant benefits to your health and feel younger, fitter and fresher.



  • What does health prevention mean?


    The modern concept of Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® phytotherapy was developed in Switzerland in the late 1970s. It is based primarily on a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

    The first Mességué® - Phytoline® treatment centre opened in Crans-Montana (Valais, Switzerland) to apply Maurice Mességué's plant formulations and demonstrate their effectiveness in maintaining youth and vitality.

    Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® centres are unique in showcasing phytotherapy formulations in health prevention. All the formulations, including herbal teas, plant baths and cataplasms, are provided under licence. They are exclusively used in the franchise of Swiss/Phytotherapy® - Mességué® - Phytoline® treatment centres.